Thursday, April 5, 2012

What are your concerns about using various internet technologies in your teaching practice?

How can you alleviate these concerns?


  1. My main concern about using various internet technologies in my teaching practice is the availability of technology. It's difficult to implement when you don't have the technology. My other concern is being familiar with the internet technology. In order for me to teach it and utilize it, I must be comfortable using the technology myself. I also have some concerns about being blocked by our didtrict form using such internet technology as You Tube. You Tube is a good learning tool that cannot be utilized in our district because we are prohibited from using it. Why? I wish I knew.
    I would like to alleviate these concerns by becoming more familiar with whatever internet technology I utilize in my classroom. I could take workshops and attend professional development opportunities to help become more familiar with the technology.

  2. Every school corporation is different. I had a class in Northwestern Indiana near Gary. The teacher's in that area has very little technology. Those teacher's were more concerned with just getting their kids to come to school and learn the concepts. On the other hand I had a class in the Carmel, Indiana area. These teacher's had everything you could imagine. Like you stated, the best we can do is utilize what's available and expose the student's as much as possible.