Friday, April 20, 2012

  • How can you encourage your professional colleagues to engage in ongoing development in terms of technology integration?
  • How can you serve as a teacher leader for technology integration in your professional setting?
  • What tools that you learned about in this class might you use to facilitate this? 


  1. I can encourage my colleagues to engage in ongoing technological development by expalining the importance of technology and how it's going to continue to impact on how we teach our students and how they learn. I can encourage them by telling them how beneficial technology is and how it can help them teach and how it can help our students learn. So it's a win-win situation.
    I could serve on a technology committee as a way of showing leadership for technology integration. I could also take workshops and report back to my colleagues and share my newfound knowledge. I could also be a technology helper within my building.
    Some of the tools that I could use would be bolgs, twitter, facebook, and google docs. I could use all of these tools as a way of collaborating amongst fellow staff members. We could share ideas and facilitate what his happening in our building as well as ou district. This would be a good way to create an open dialogue and having that continue.

  2. Serving on committee's and being a model for other teacher's is a great way to be a leader in your school when it comes to technology. Using your lessons to model the use of technology might also gain other teacher's interests.